Le Jardin en Fête is my happy garden. It’s a circle garden, kitchen garden and orchard, where I use natural methods, less water, at low costs and maintenance. You are welcome to visit my garden and get inspired.

Anneke Van Kuijk,

Garden advisor


The Cabane is my place to dream and create. You will find seedlings, garden plants, decoration and bric-a-brac items for home and garden. You can buy fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs from the garden. As well as home made products, such as confitures, syrups, and herbal tea blends.


You can visit le Jardin en Fête by appointment!

Garden advisor

I want to inspire you to create your own paradise. I can design your garden, decorate your garden cabane, and advise you on big and small green solutions.


You can attend a workshop by yourself or with a group. I have workshops on creating vegetable circle gardens, home made products, such as making jams, syrups, herbal teas and baking your own bread. You can also follow painting workshops with Peter in our Atelier en Fête.

You are welcome in Le Jardin en Fete by appointment.

For questions, information and orders, please contact me at


Anneke Van Kuijk
Make your garden a paradise, and the world will become more beautiful and happier.